dinsdag 18 januari 2011

Swan lake part 3

 So he has one boot and his right leg is finally looking good.   Added all the muscles and of course the creases in his soft balletboots.

Left leg is getting the right shape too.  Added some creases in his boots, not finished yet.

Ok, he has his left boot and muscles have been defined.

She has a nice smile on her face.  Loved the way the skulls worked.

Gave her some lovely ears.  Changed the tip of her nose a bit after this pictures.
Fitting them together once more.   Looking good so far.   As yo can see, I cut away a piece of clay below her waist.  There are many types of ballet tutu's.  Sometimes it's in the waist, sometimes below the waist line with a longer bodice.  So this one will have a longer bodice.  I cut away the clay so I have room to gather all the fabric together.   She has her shoes on, her legs are not completely defined.

Front view, she gets turned a bit more than on this picture.   here you can see clearly where the clay has been cut in a neat line.  

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