dinsdag 18 januari 2011

Day one and two of the masterclass with Saltanat of Kazachstan.

OSaltanat, a lovely lady from Kazachstan is here to learn how to make a fairy.  I hope she has a great time here !

So we have a simple soldered armature.  I just want to teach her how easy it is to make an armature like this. Later she can use this for more complex poses.  We are making the same pose.  This masterclass is some kind of a sculpt along. I'm sculpting a doll and Saltanat is sculpting along side of me.  This way she can she from beginning to end how I make a doll and I can help her with hers.  We are having a ball !!!

As you can see we are using the skull base again with fimo eyes.  I have made a press mold for the skull, it works great !!

Armature covered with aves apoxie and some foil and paper tape.

Bulked out the torso and started on the head.  That was day one !!!

Oh yes, she has legs !  lol  but where are the feet ???

still no feet, sigh....   still very rough too...

Oh look, two headless ladies with feet !!Great looking bodies !!!

sideview....  and the end of day two.  See you tomorrow !!!

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  1. is deze blog alleen in het Engels? kan niets vinden van een link of zo voor Nederlandse taal...
    of vlaams LOL!
    gr Isabel