zondag 23 januari 2011

Masterclass sequel

, there was really no time to post pictures of the masterclass each day.  But finally here they come.  Just no pictures of my finished doll.  That will be for tomorrow.
Added her head.  Waiting for some hands...

Hands added.  just some more refining to do and she can be baked.

This is the end of day three...  going fast and all is looking good.

Day four, starting by making some wings.  Soldered wire, painted with acrylics and dipped into magic dip.  What a great result that gives !

painting with genesis paints

looking much better with a bit of color and on a nice base.

some no hole beads on the wings...  green... hm, how will she be dressed ????

Saltanat with her lovely fairy in pink at the end of day five.

Me and Saltanat in my gallery next to my award winning piece, the gazebo fairies.   We both had a lovely week !!!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. beautiful, so much so, it brings tears to me.

    thanks so much for your creativity.


  2. Beautiful fairy's and a pretty intense week Saltanat would have had and you too.
    gr Anja