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Prosculpt winners / prosculpt winnaars.

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ProSculpt Winning Sculptures...
The world has chosen the top three dolls in each of the three categories...See all of the doll entries and the winners by clicking here...This was one of the best years we have had, you will love them all.
"Live video workshops"... For the first time we are now offering online live workshops. Click here to learn more about free online workshops...

The ProSculpt Contest for one-of-a-kind sculptures ended on the 30th of April.  However, we are opening the next ProSculpt Contest on the 1st of June 2012, it will run until December the 30th. Click on this link to read the contest rules for the next ProSculpt Contest.

Learn more about the new costume workshop in Salt Lake City Learn more about the Cincinnati workshop, click here!
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ProSculpt 2012 Winners in Beginning, Advanced, Professional and Honorable mention categories... 

Each of the following three categories has a first second and third place winner.  The winners in each category will receive a years supply of ProSculpt Clay. Second place will receive six bars and third place will receive three bars.   The winners of the Professional Category are... Diane Guelinckx, Maya Xchippi and Claudine Roelens. The Advanced winners are Karen Baker,  Melaine Ingold, and Kelly Beckett.  Beginning winners are Palma Paitagua, Jen Lewis, and Machael Natoli.
Because of their beauty and professionalism, I felt compelled to show the four Honorable Mentions dolls as well.  In no specific order are; Renata Jansen, Mayra Garza, Elise Galles, and Patrizia Guido. Any one of these four dolls could have easily won in the professional class.  This year the competition was so keen in all three categories that we have chosen to leave all of the sculptures in our permanent gallery atwww.artdolls.com. You may see them all by clicking this link 
 Diane Guelinckx... "The Key to Her Heart"  (Professional)
 Maya Xchippi... "Avery"  (Professional)
 Claudine Roelens... "Vintage"  (Professional)
Karen Baker...
 Karen Baker... "The Old Queen"  (Advanced)
 Melanie Ingold... "Rori"  (Advanced)
Kelly Beckett
 Kelly Beckett... "Amber Lynn"  (Advanced)
 Palma Paitaqua... "Second Moon"  (Beginning)
Jen Lewis
 Jen Lewis... "Mad Hatress"  (Beginning)
Michael Natoli...
 Michael Natoli...  "African Series"  (Beginning)
 Renata Jansen... "Elizabeth"  (Honorable Mention)  
 Mayra Garza... "Twins" (Honor(able Mention)
 Elise Galles... "Palermo Child" (Honorable Mention)  For some reason we could not download Patrizia Guido's sculpture, but you can see it in the Gallery section of artdolls.com.  
Each of the sculptures shown above are sculpted inProSculpt clay by the artist mentioned.  These dolls are ones-of-a-kind.  Just to qualify in the contest each of the Professional Category dolls received a grade of 98 to 99 points out of a possible 100.  The dolls in the Advanced category were graded at 96 to 98 points. The dolls in the Beginning Category were graded at 94 to 96 points.  This is the closest the dolls have ever been in the 20 years that we have conducted the Annual ProSculpt Contest.  Selfishly, I would like to say the reason they are so good is because they are all using ProSculpt as their polymer clay medium.  I am sure that is part of it, but the truth is likely that artdolls have been around for over twenty years and the second generation of artists are now our primary sculptors.  Frankly, the artists today are superior to my generation of artists, I am honored to be able to recognize and showcase their talent.  
By clicking on this link you will be able to see each of the dolls in the contest, all of the winners, and then click on the artist's address and visit with your favorite artist.  Johnston Original Artdolls and ProSculpt do not charge for this contest, nor do we take a commission if you choose to purchase one of the dolls.  The only thing we ask is that when you sculpt you use ProSculpt, the world's finest polymer clay. Click here to see our complete selection of ProSculpt clay.

We had several artists that did not get in this contest that really wanted to.  Therefore, we have asked them to join our next contest that starts on the 1st of June, 2012 and will run until December 30th, 2012.  This has been our most successful contest since we started having them in 1992.   We have joined our contest with the social network FaceBook, and Twitter.  If you wish to join our contest that starts in June you may read about it at www.artdolls.com on the home page. Remember, there is no charge and you may win a years supply of ProSculpt.   Woody Allen once said... "showing up is 90% of winning".  
Thanks to the Professional Doll Makers Art Guild for providing three judges to assist the collectors of FaceBook, Twitter and the Johnston Original Artdolls Newsletter in the voting process.  Jack Johnston assumes all responsibility for approving the dolls that won this contest.  If you have any questions about the winning dolls or wish to speak directly to Jack, you may call him without charge at 800-290-9998.  
click here and help select the contest entries...ProSculpt Contest... see how you can receive a 10-50% discount just for voting. 
For the past six months we have received entries for our one-of-a-kind Prosculpt Dolls Contest.  The contest ends this coming Monday the 30th of April.

I need your help to determine the winners.  Click on this link and see the registered contestants.  See the contestants... Choose three by name of the artist and the name of the doll and include them in a letter to me atjack@artdolls.com.  For helping me choose the winner I will send you a 10% discount code to be used during your next purchase at www.artdolls.com.  By the way, this discount is on top of any discount we are already offering, so it could be worth up to 50% off.  

We will award a year's supply of ProSculpt (12 bars) for the best doll in the Professional Category, six bars of clay in the Advanced Category, and two bars of clay in our Beginning Category.

You may vote for your own doll, but only do it once, we will know if you stuff the ballet box. LOL  That does not keep you from asking your friends to vote for you though.  Tell everyone to vote for you!  We will announce the winners on the 1st of May.  baby by Mayra
Mayra Garza ...belgie fairy...
Diane Guelinckx...

One-of-a-kind ProSculpt  Elisa Gellea...
We have added a very exciting workshop to our 2012 schedule... We've added a workshop on making Costumes. 
lady reading book

There are a few secrets to making costumes that all professional doll makers use.  Once you know about them you won't believe how easy costumes can be.  We have asked our costume designer, Karen Baker to be our guest artist for a costume class on May the 18-20.  Jack will host the class and assist the class in making an 18" body.  Karen will then teach everyone how to make the pattern and sew or glue the costume.  Each student will leave with a finished body and costume.  This three day class will be held at Jack's studio in Salt Lake City.  If you want to make professional looking dolls you'll love this class.  It is limited to six students, so book your seat today.  Click on this link to read more about the class and to reserve your seat!
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To order, go to www.artdolls.com or call us toll free at 800-290-9998.   If you have any questions you may call us toll free for help.  
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